Ray Goss – Backyard BBQ ft. Gates

Via DJ Sinamin of Hot1041stl.com…

Yo!! I’m always looking for new hotness from the home front, and look what I have for you this week!!

It’s Ray Goss – Backyard BBQ. I first heard of Ray Goss a few years ago with his “Its Ray Goss You Bastards” campaign. Now he’s on a “Meet Ray Goss” campaign. So I met him and he’s dope. He makes great music and he’s a genuine nice dude. That goes a long way with me.

It seems like lately a lot of music that is coming out of STL sounds a lot alike, but this is something different. It’s the perfect chill summer song. Check it out below, and hit him up on twitter @RayGoss and tell him how dope it is.

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