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AMP-TeamAuthentic Marketing & Promotions has a team of Field Marketing Representatives that specialize in public awareness throughout the metro area. This team of individuals operates in shifts to complete 24 hour work days when needed. We strive to keep the brightest and the most progressive people in these positions since 2008.



Authentic Marketing and Promotion provides services that bridge the gap between Target Consumers and Music, Media, Fashion, Merchandising, Advertising and Film Industries.


St. Louis, MO March 21, 2008 – LaMar “Finsta” Williams and Brandon Hinkle today announced the launch of Authentic Marketing & Promotion (A.M.P. St. Louis). A.M.P. is a full-service urban entertainment agency which designs and implements regional and nationwide marketing programs geared to teens and young adults. Having been part of the urban game for the last 10 years, they provide a range of services in the areas of music, media, fashion, merchandising, advertising, and film to connect their clients to target consumers in relevant, exciting ways. Hinkle, Partner and Director of Promotions, explains “Our Company was built to fill the gap of a corporate company and the average consumer; you have two experienced individuals that master both street & corporate sides to execute any promotion.”


Although located in St. Louis, the company prides itself on having sister teams in over 50 markets and a client base that spans across the United States.  “When I need something done I call AMP, they really are the Key to St. Louis” says Tikiya Crawford, Former National Director of Promotions for Capitol Records. A.M.P. has the resources, knowledge and skill to create campaigns that compliment and further product goals. “We have the best guys for the job, with our stellar relationships with the Label Executives, Program Directors, DJ Coalitions, & Mixshow Coordinators nationwide, it redefines and sets a higher bar for excellence in Urban Marketing and Promotion” says Williams who is a Partner and Director of Operations.


The owners of Authentic Marketing and Promotions, Williams and Hinkle have earned success as record promoters for national recording artist and labels. “When I send AMP my priorities on records, I never have to think twice about their execution. They always give me the results I need even in a time of crisis.” brags Mar Brown, VP Urban Radio Promotion for Warner Music Group. Williams reiterates “A.M.P. was created to better meet the needs of the Music Industry and to enhance the volume of Integrity of local artists in St. Louis so they can become major players in their endeavors“, Platinum recording artist Murphy Lee of Nelly & The St. Lunatics adds “A.M.P. helps me tremendously, I am learning more about marketing, which makes me want to start my own company one day.”



Top Guns of Authentic Marketing and Promotions


About LaMar Williams

Williams grew up on St. Louis’ South Side. He honed MC skills throughout the 1990s as part of the hip hop group The Ruckus Crew. He also worked as host and co-creator of St. Louis ‘ longest running hip hop club night, the Hi-Pointe Café; In 2001 he started working at Platinum Projects Marketing & Promotions as a team member and later was recruited by Ch’rewd Marketing & Promotions in 2003.  Finsta was hired at Radio One’s St. Louis hip hop affiliate, Q95.5FM, as a part-time on-air personality for a show called, “Phatlaces” with DJ Needles. He was eventually laid-off due to a format change in December of 2004. Continuing as Staff Coordinator at Ch’rewd Marketing, Finsta soon became an account manager for Capitol Records, Interscope Records, and Atlantic Records, among supervising other Major Label account managers as well. In 2005, He was re-hired by Radio-One as a part-time on-air personality and Promotions Assistant. In 2007 Williams made his exit from Ch’rewd to pursue his own goals in the Entertainment Industry.
About Brandon Hinkle

Hinkle worked in the marketing and promotion industry since 1999. He began with Ch’rewd Marketing & Promotions. There he was an account manager and managed a wide range of street teams for major music labels and corporate businesses. In 2002 he began to work for Platinum Projects where he held the title of Account Manager/Staff Coordinator. He was responsible for Def Jam and J Records street advertising campaigns. Brandon was also responsible for generating additional clients due to his outstanding workmanship such as: Democratic Party (Senator Claire McCaskill), Derrty Ent., Universal Republic , Sony, Jive, Big Face Ent. (David Banner C.E.O.) and Rap Snacks to name a few. In addition Brandon is one of the founders of the Derrty DJ’s (local D.J. organization) whom he has been actively involved with since 2005. In February of 2008, Brandon Hinkle resigned from Platinum Projects to pursue his career goals in marketing/promotions for the Entertainment Industry.


Authentic Marketing & Promotions

Williams and Hinkle both decided to leave successful companies with the purpose of making history with the launch of Authentic Marketing & Promotions. Understanding the target audience is the main key when designing and implementing regional and nationwide marketing campaigns geared towards teens and young adults. Former Co-National Director of Promotions and Lifestyle for Atlantic Records Keith Barham explains “I have had the pleasure of working with both Brandon, and Finsta over the years, and no matter what the task they held it down. My mother is from St. Louis, so I look for the best whenever I look to that city, and these two guys are hands down on top of their game!