[RECAP] 2017 National Urban League Conference July 26th – 29th

For the second time in 10 years, the National Urban League is bringing its Annual Conference to St. Louis, MO! With just about 2 weeks until this year’s gathering, Marc H. Morial talked with the St. Louis American about what to expect once the group hits the ground, 3 years after #Ferguson.

“In addition to the thought leadership events and the plenary sessions and the panels, there is a distinct and very important way for people in St. Louis to participate. And all of the things I described – the career fair, the expo hall, the college fair—are FREE and open to the public.”

The campaign ran smoothly and people seemed to be excited about the conference. The team hit the proper club venues, events, concerts and novelty shops in the area as normal. This time, patrons at events and other outings generated a vibe about the conference which created a conversation throughout the area. Others team members started running into people that worked with Urban League and took upon themselves to help spread the word. Even at some of the churches and Tech companies, members said they would be happy give out flyers to help out the cause.

Plan: To garner attendance for several different events for the conference via Lifestyle Marketing, Special Event Marketing, Grassroots Marketing, Club Visit Campaign,  Email Campaigns, and Social Media Campaign throughout the metropolitan area for a duration of 5 weeks.

Results: An overwhelming success for all events. The client was very impressed with the outcome.

Elements produced include: A total of 10k (2) 6×9 Handbills, (2) 5×7 Handbills, Grassroots Marketing, Campaigning to urban communities, recreation and metropolitan center functions

Weekly Recaps: Throughout the 5-week campaign the client receives an overall summary of events via written analysis and photos.

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